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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing ? How can we become partner with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing its simple and genuine way to make passive profit. You earn commission by promoting others company-product. Find a product you like promote it and earn commission for each product you sell.How this work exactly?
when you browse internet you see blogs where give you value information for products or services and there you have link to go throw it directly to the seller website. What happen when you buy that product can you guess ? The website that give you link directly to that product earn commission
Let’s go throw steps :

  • First Step you register for Affiliate
  • Second you get email notification than you have details to log in
  • Third after you log in go to generate url for specific product
  • You need to copy past product url to generate tab
  • You get url and you are ready to go
  • Use that url in your website and earn passive income

When costumer use the referral link and buy product to our website you earn your commission. Commission will be paid 8 day after purchase. If costumer return back product that he bought commission its not going to be paid. This is one of rules to prevent from quality and not quality affiliate marketing .
What happen if costumer log in after 2 days and buy the product without using referral link?
If costumer come to our website from your referral link we set cookie with 30 day expiration date. So even if costumer decide to buy that product after 20 days you get your commission. Sound good right ?
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What is Real Partnership ?

We are looking for real partnership in our path, we know the real power comes from Unity. There is opportunity to sell your products via Bifeks Platform. Increase your sales, go one more step in business world with our Real Partnership program.

Increase of Sales Guaranty 

What you get with Real Partnership :

  1. Frontend Dashboard
  2. Frontend Simple Product
  3. Order Management
  4. Withdraw System
  5. Individual Stores
  6. Order Email Notifications
  7. Storefront Widgets
  8. Invoice
  9. Email and Phone Support
  10. Trainings

Basically you create your online store inside Bifeks. You have control on prices, images product description, you manage your product in stock management. More information about Real Partnership program after your registration.
Usually we review your application within 24-48 hours. In other cases you are going to receive email notification.
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